Ebeosi Manufacturers Market Access Program (EMMAP)

Over the years, many Nigerian manufacturers have experienced low patronage both locally and at the international markets majorly due to difficult access to diverse markets as well as low product visibility. More so, many businesses do not have the huge resources required to reach wider markets across cities and National boundaries, thereby limiting the sales effort within and around their immediate locality.

The Ebeosi Manufacturers Market Access Program (EMMAP) is created to break these barriers and support Nigerian entrepreneurs to reach a wider market in the shortest possible time using our vast distribution networks thereby increasing sales and revenue.

We present a unique platform to Nigerian Manufacturers and Merchants to showcase their products at major open markets and popular chain stores across the Country as well as to major markets in other African Countries and the USA. Through this program, we are fostering both Local and International wholesale trade for businesses in Nigeria and Africa.

The EMMAP is an integrated marketing channel created to fuse the power of online and offline trade for the African manufacturers and merchants. It is aimed at enhancing products visibility and availability to retailers and consumers across local and foreign markets. Ebeosi achieves this in partnership with reputable logistics firms to handle the delivery of products to the USA/Canada and other African Countries as well as in warehousing products in the USA.

When you sign up for our EMMAP, we shall, among other things:

  • create distributors for you in the Nigerian, African and USA markets and serve as your Distribution Manager through our offices and outlets in different Nigerian and African markets where our team handles the direct product introduction to wholesalers, creating distributors and brand awareness;
  • grant you full access to our online platform to market your business and products globally thereby ensuring higher customer acquisition and business growth;
  • have your products displayed at our physical outlets at major markets in Nigeria and distributed through our large distribution networks across the country;
  • have your products distributed through major chain stores across the country, such as Shoprite, Spar etc.;
  • guide you on the adoption of modern and unique packaging techniques required to refine and upgrade your product packaging to meet local and international standards;
  • help you adopt better labeling methods; and
  • provide guide on how to obtain product certifications where necessary.
To register, please click HERE to download the EMMAP Registration Form

For further enquiries and sign-up support, please email em[email protected]; or call +234 906 254 7115; +234 906 239 5525.