Ebeosipreneur is an innovative scheme developed by Ebeosi to help young entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses on the Ebeosi platform. This is to further demonstration to the growth and prosperity of the nation as well as our contribution to the future of the nation because we understand the youth are the future.
Ebeosipreneur delivers a package of strategic offerings which is designed to meet these specific needs of the existing and potential young entrepreneurs:

§  Business Counselling and Mentorship

§  Entrepreneurial Development Training

§  Direct Technical Assistance

§  Financial Counselling and Referral

§  Accounting Services

§  Marketing Services

The key components of the Ebeosipreneur model are:

§  Entrepreneurship Education and Training

§  Direct Technical Assistance

§  Access to Capital.

§  Access to Markets & Networks

§  Awareness Building

Our Objectives

The Ebeosipreneur programme has the following objectives:

§  To create a functional and interactive learning platform to train young and aspiring entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship and business management that will ultimately translate into improved efficiency and productivity.

§  To kindle the entrepreneurial spirit of the youths.

§  To act as an incubation center where business ideas are nurtured to their full potential as well as entrenching global best practices by inculcating a culture of innovation-driven entrepreneurship and ethics in the programme participants.

§  Promotion of self-employment among graduates of institutions of higher learning, thereby changing their job-seeking mindset.

§  To deepen financial inclusion by de-risking the young aspiring entrepreneurs and making them eligible for small business loans to be provided by Ebeosi.


The expected outcomes and the results observed from the implementation of Ebeosipreneur include the following:

§  Advancement of the work of youth entrepreneurship – showcasing model entrepreneurs and marketing their successes as a means to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

§  Creation of structures and new services to support young entrepreneurs.

§  Increased employment among youth.

§  Increased enterprise formation and growth by expanding the numbers of businesses owned by young people that are sustainable, efficiently-run, and profitable.

§  Greater access to assistance by aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs to an established network of affordable support services.

§  Provision of relevant and timely information to assist with decision making, problem solving and business development.

§  Enhanced awareness of self-employment as a feasible and sustainable alternative to traditional wage employment.

§  Greater accessibility to traditional and non-traditional financing for market research, feasibility studies, start-up and expansion of businesses.