Ebeosi for Business

For the first time, Nigerian and African entrepreneurs and businesses have the opportunity to sell directly in the US, Canada and other African countries. You can showcase your own products or buy products in wholesale from companies and manufacturers in Turkey, US, China etc. and sell on Ebeosi.

Ebeosi is a tested and proven gateway to the international market and the best place if you are interested in selling to a foreign market filled with vetted buyers interested in your products. Whether you are a business or an entrepreneur selling products, we have developed a B2B and B2C service that will now enable you connect with wholesale buyers and final consumers in US, Canada, Nigeria and other countries through Ebeosi for Business.


Buy products from any country of your choice and sell in US and Canada without even handling the products. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home or workplace.

No fear of fraud

We are eliminating the fear of fraud on the part of international buyers for Nigerian sellers by our presence in international markets. On our platform, the sellers know they can trust you.

World-class Logistics

We have partnered with logistics giants FedEx and ShipBob USA. This means you do not have to worry about moving your products. We will handle all that for you.

Combined with our superb business model, we have built a very solid logistical framework structure by partnering with world-class logistics companies that will ensure seamless and stress-free movement of products across countries. We have established warehouses in many countries and are in partnership with FedEx and ShipBob USA who currently deliver to more than 120 countries. This means you do not have to worry about moving your goods and products.

All these are available for an annual membership fee of NGN100,000, but you can get it for NGN70,000 if you sign up NOW.

With Ebeosi for Business, more customers have access to your products, which means more sales for you.

Join Ebeosi for Business today and start selling to a global market!