Buy Now, Pay Later With Carbon

Buy Now, Pay Later with Carbon

Ebeosi is pleased to announce a partnership with Carbon. Carbon is a vastly experienced financial service company that has been providing credit to Nigerians for over 8 years.


We understand that times are quite hard for most people and we want to help. This is why we have launched this partnership to help Nigerians buy what they want, when they want it and pay later at zero interest.


What does this partnership mean?

This partnership means that you can shop on credit on Ebeosi from one hundred thousand and above and pay back without interest over a period of six months. Yes, you read right - zero interest on loans of NGN100,000 and above taken to shop on Ebeosi!

Now, you can get it when you need it and pay when it’s convenient, interest free.


How to Shop Now & Pay Later Using Carbon

§  Select the ITEM you would like to purchase. 
The minimum limit is one hundred thousand naira (NGN 100,000).


§  Proceed to payment page and select ‘Buy Now, Pay Later with Carbon’


§  If you are already a Carbon user, input your User ID and proceed to complete purchase.


§  If you are not yet a Carbon user, kindly provide all the necessary information and submit for approval. Once you are approved, you will get an email stating that you have been approved and the item(s) you purchased will be shipped to you.



·         What is Carbon Zero?

Carbon Zero is a buy-now-pay-later product that lets you make purchases and pay in small installments at a 0% interest rate. These include phones, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, gaming consoles, and a whole lot more.


·         What can I buy?

You can buy everything on Ebeosi from smartphones to TVs, home theatre sets, refrigerators, air conditioners, laptops, and so on.
However, the minimum purchase must be one hundred thousand naira (NGN 100,000).


·         Do I have to pay an initial instalment?

Yes, there is a small part of the total cost to be paid at the point of purchase. The rest is spread over a period of time, usually six months.


·         Are there any hidden fees?

There are absolutely no hidden charges when you buy any item with Carbon Zero. However, to help smoothen the repayment process, there is a charge on late repayments.


·         Do I need to be a salary earner?

Yes. For now, Carbon Zero is only open to salary earners with verifiable income.


·         I do not have a Carbon account. How do I make a purchase?

Once you click on ‘Buy Now. Pay Later with Carbon’, fill out the required information including the following:

-          A copy of your photo ID (International Passport, National ID or Driver’s License)

-          Upload your bank statement of account where your salary is domiciled.

Note: you cannot access Carbon Zero without the required means of identification.


·         How can I split my payments?

Repayment plans vary depending on the price of your item. Items worth below 500k can be split within 3 months, while items above 500k can be split across 6 months.


For more enquiries, send an email to [email protected] or call us on +234 906 254 7115