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• Relieves menstrual pain
• Enhances immunity and prevents menstrual discomfort
• Can stimulate blood circulation, prevent gynaecological diseases and relieve dysmenorrhea.
• Helps to relieve the effect of and prevent prostate cancer
• Cures toilet infections, STDs and itching
• Anti-bacterial: Contains anions that kill bacteria
• Anti-inflammatory: treats boil and inflammations
• Shrinks fibroid and treats other gynaecological diseases
• Promotes metabolism
• Improves endocrine/glandular function
• Relieves stress
• Eliminates odour and prevents itching
• Far infrared prevents and cures fibroid
• Prevents ovarian cysts, infections, etc.
• Cures and prevents rashes in vagina
• Has 8 layers made of cotton
• Has side strips that prevent leakage
• Made from organic products and 100% cotton
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour
• Prevents toilet infection
• Helps in relieving arthritis and rheumatism pains
• Prevents Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
• Guards against cervical and prostate cancer
• Anti-bacteria help to restrict the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism and improves secretion and immunity
• Helps to remove toxins from the body during menstruation
• Eliminates odour, prevents itching and reduces stress in women
• The bottom layer is made of highly resistant and air-permeable materials that prevent leakage and effectively reduce dampness and closeness between napkin and skin.
• Quick absorption without reverse osmosis. Super absorption factors congeal liquid into wood fibre polymers for permanent dryness. This prevents a “sticky sensation”.

Content: What’s in the Pack? 4-In-1 Pack – MIXED
• LIGHT FLOW (Pink) – 2 packs
• DAY USE / MEDIUM FLOW (Blue) – 7 packs
• NIGHT USE / HEAVY FLOW (Purple) – 4 packs
• PANTY LINER (Green) – 6 packs

• Use like a regular sanitary pad. Tear the outer package of a single piece and stick on underwear. Secure well to avoid stains. Try out the panty liner before your menstrual period.

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